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If you feel passionately about cohousing and would like to be part of the close knit team that makes this cohousing project a reality, then we’d love to hear from you!


Being a core member:


  • enables you to experience and nurture the cohousing movement as part of a supportive, passionate team.


  • gives you an active part in creating this community.


  • gives you insight into and participation in the development process.


  • involves you in decision making processes.


  • may give you priority when applying to live in the community (although there are no guarantees of securing a dwelling).


  • may entitle you to a level (to be agreed) of Sweat Equity when the project is complete.


  • means you're invited to our social gatherings and events.


We’re looking for people who really believe in the personal and societal benefits of cohousing and who are inspired by the idea of living in and nurturing a community.  We’d like enthusiasm, good communication skills, cooperation and willing investment of time, energy and skills.  We’ll offer you all of that in return!


We ask core members to:


  • support and commit to realising the Vision and Mission of Sussex Cohousing.


  • like and commit to trying to work and live in alignment with our Principles (which you can help evolve!)


  • contribute their time to the project (approximately 2 hours a week, plus attendance at meetings).


  • make a financial contribution to the group, to cover core costs of developing the project.


  • be over 18 years old.


If your interest has been stirred, we’d love to see you at one of our [Open Meetings on date (click here for more info)].


Alternatively you can drop us a line at [email address] and we’ll answer any questions you have and send you more detailed information about the project and what becoming a Core Team Member is all about.


To download our full Core Membership Info Pack [click here]

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