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If you simply want to be kept in touch with any news, sign up to our mailing list and receive our newsletters for free here



You might like to consider joining us as a Supporter because:

  • you’re interesting in cohousing and in the Sussex Cohousing project,

  • you’d like to have some involvement, but don’t currently want to be / can’t commit to being a Development Team member

  • you’d like to become a Development Team member


Being a Supporter: (a small step further)

  • keeps you informed of our progress through newsletters and updates

  • is the first step to being considered for Development Team applications

  • does not guarantee you a home in the finished community. We don’t know yet what the makeup of residents will be. We are looking to be as diverse as possible and may be required to have a majority of local people

  • enables you to contribute ideas, skills, suggestions and feedback to the Development Team

  • keeps you informed of other ways of contributing; tasks that need doing, skill sets we’d love to make use of

  • means you’re invited to our social gatherings and events (some of which will only be open to Supporters, and some of which you'll be able to attend for free as a Supporter)


We ask Supporters to:

  • pledge your support and commitment to our Vision, Mission, Principles and Values

  • provide a short personal biography to appear on our 'Who We Are' page on our website

  • fill in a short questionnaire so we can learn a little more about you


How to Register to Become a Supporter:

If your interest has been stirred enough to want to become a supporter please fill in a registration form. The form will likely take 15-30 mins to complete.



If you have a question and can’t find the answer on our website then you can contact us. We do sometimes struggle to reply quickly to emails and so encourage you to have a good look for the answer to your question on the website first. Please check our FAQ section.


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