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Diversity is something that people in the group have always felt was implicit in our Principles or our Mission. In fact there is no specific reference to diversity in either. Addressing this question head on lead us to ask, what is it about diversity that we feel is important. We recognised that as a group we desired to live in a diverse community: that a community that is created by a group of people who have different experiences, backgrounds, needs and knowledge would be a stronger community. We felt strongly that as long as someone shared our commitment to our Mission and Principles that there should be no aspect of anyone’s identity that should prevent them from participating in the project, though we are aiming for certain kinds of mixture. As the project develops it will be imperative that the project continues to reflect on if it is achieving this aspiration.


Intentional community, building our vision

An integral part of the project is intentionally building a community. As the project gets evermore developed, we decided some key areas where we want diversity. These will be used as some guiding parameters for when we are considering applications for people to be part of the community.



We are strongly committed to, and passionate about, inter-generational living. We think that dynamic interactions between generations gives a fuller life experience to all those involved. We will therefore seek to maintain a balance of all age groups within our community as far as possible.



In addition to ensuring a reasonable gender balance, we recognise and embrace Brighton’s global position at the forefront of gender identity diversity, and will actively seek to make the community inclusive to all, with no one gender dominating.


Financial means:

Our group is committed to finances not being a barrier to participation. As part of our financial inclusion policy we are committed to offering a staircased model of home ownership. Some people will be buying their property, some part owning with others renting. This rent will be set at genuinely affordable rates.


Family composition size:

Different households live different lifestyles; we feel that by seeking different household compositions, the community will be able to offer more support for a whole range of different interests and needs.


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