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OUR PRINCIPLES (What we live by and want to live by even more)


Sussex Cohousing aims to create a community that is run entirely and collaboratively by the residents, with an active commitment to living by the following principles:



  1. Collaborative communication: open, considerate, self-aware communication, with the genuine desire to respect, cooperate with and understand the perspective of other(s). 

  2. Community as home: a sense of belonging to and taking active responsibility for the community as a whole, gained through co-creating a secure, nourishing and practical space which balances private and communal living. 

  3. Contribution, co-operation and empowerment: We are committed to inclusive, fair and open decision making and to ensure accountability and clear responsibilities which match capacity.

  4. Creating community through celebration: to celebrate achievements, seasons, traditional festivals etc. in order to increase community cohesion through appreciation, music, food and dance.

  5. Valuing the journey: seeing developing and living in the community as an ongoing process (rather than a destination) to be engaged with and valued.

  6. Sustainability: To create a community which is sustainable socially, financially and environmentally. To adopt design and build methods, and to use materials, that meet the highest environmental standards and that promote environmental resilience to climate change.




OUR VALUES (What our principles stem from)




We are striving to create homes that are affordable in perpetuity. We recognise that today people simply don’t have the same opportunities as before to make a lot of capital on property. We want to model a new, more fair-minded way of thinking about investing in homes and community. We wish to create a community that facilitates a sharing of intergenerational resources - financial, time, energy and creativity - for the betterment of all. 



We will derive our wellbeing from a sense of settled-ness and security that comes from the long term nature of our project; from the cultivation of interconnected lives that are enriched by diversity; and from connection and mutual respect. We will make time for having fun, and commit to creating honest and authentic relationships. 



Belonging is a core need. We will create and maintain a sense of connection to each other, our neighbours and wider community, and strive to be respectful and thoughtful to each other. We value the feeling of mutual support and increased level of wellbeing that comes from the active work of caring for each other.  


Respecting the Environment 

We acknowledge that we are at a critical time in our earth’s history and are committed to living and working sensitively with our local environment. We recognise we are stewards of the land and are committed to building on it in a way that is ecologically sound, whilst protecting and enhancing biodiversity, both now and in service to future generations.



Community living generates a level of resilience that is hard to match in today’s fragmented society. Our individual and collective resourcefulness and adaptability will grow from our deepening connections to each other and the land. In the context of the growing climate emergency we will be more effective at adjusting to new conditions, if we do it collectively.  



We will undertake to bring progressive, ground breaking and ambitious standards to all aspects of building our community.




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