We're now starting to get clear on what is going to actually be possible for a cohousing project in Sussex. To help us work with actual data (rather than imaginary) we've created a short survey that we'd like people to fill in if they're interested in getting involved in our project. 


Basically, we are gathering some up-to-date information about people's preferences and interest in Sussex Cohousing and some idea of people's finances in order to help us build a business plan. There is no commitment attached to this either way, it just helps us to have some real data rather than guessing.


The survey usually takes about 10-15mins to complete, and may also help facilitate your own thinking about what you want in a cohousing project. 


Willing? Great! Click here to begin the survey (Please try and complete it in one sitting, and be careful to enter financial data in the format suggested in the survey)







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