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Stimulating July 2015 Social - Check the video

Last night was our second social (the first at our bi-monthly venue - The Latest Music Bar) and I, for one, really enjoyed myself!

11 of us came together to hang out and the conversation flowed both between various constellations of individuals as well as a whole group. We were joined by 2 members of Veganic Cohousing, another Brighton and Sussex based cohousing project, and there was plenty of varied and useful experiences and thoughts shared.

I was party to conversations about homes as aqusitions; local land availability; the highs and challenges of living in close proximity to others; living with children (your own and others); ways a cohousing community can be a resourse for the wider community; opportunities to partner a cohousing project with local charitable projects and initiatives; low-impact house building methods; communities in other parts of the world; and more!

We also watched a short (16min) TEDx talk by Paul Chatterton, a founder and resident from the inspiring LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordible Community) cohousing project in Leeds, UK. For those of you who weren't able to make it, here's the video for you to watch at your leisure : )

For now, I'm already looking forward to seeing more freidnly faces, interesting minds and communal spirits at forthcoming socials

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