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Cohousing related workshops: a pleasure and a success!

We recently organised, hosted and part facilitated a couple of cohousing related workshops:

Both workshops were well attended and enabled a group of like-minded people to come together to share, learn, explore and meet around issues and topics that they felt were interesteing, important or both. In short they were a pleasure to be involved in, but don't take our word for it: here's some of the responses to the 'What you liked' round of feedback we received at the end of our Sociocracy workshop...

  • Loved the energy

  • Seeing the power of process to deliver human decision making

  • Really excited about Sociocracy, love the structure and processes. Facilitators warm and well paced and knowledgeable. Really well done

  • How good and alive I feel now is a real credit to the content

  • Need to be introduced to Sociocracy has been really met. Way of presenting was meaningful. Enjoyed everyone’s company and questions that have been asked. Was very engaged all day

  • Really appreciated all the sharp, aware, interested, interesting contributions from everyone.

  • Buzz from taking theoretical discussions and processes and seeing them lived

And of course, there was also feedback on 'what could have been better'...

  • Pace could have been quicker

  • Wanted to explore the opening round more, it was very rich when people said where they’d come from and thought that was a bit of a missed opportunity not to explore that a bit

  • Chairs uncomfortable/rubbish (cited multiple times!)

  • Proposal forming exercise if done earlier, may have been right in the order of things

  • Wanted more of the circle exercises

  • Would have liked a slightly shorter day (cited multiple times)

We look forward to organising more workshops in the future, and hope they will be as well attended, as engaging and as pleasant as these two were. Though new chairs please!

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