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Weds 9th March Social - Exploring shared ownership

Sharing is a handy, heartwarming, hard, and an essential part of cohousing! We recently enjoyed the thrill of its potential in a casual chat about a common problem when we realised that as a group we could simple buy an ordinarily expensive piece of equipment and just share it - simples!

So sharing can be economical too, and at this social we'd like to explore what we could definitely imagine sharing, what we simply must have full ownership of, and what we're as yet unsure about. This may include relatively straight-forward things like tools, cars, or skills. Though it could also include more unusual ideas like sharing guest bedrooms, having community bathing rooms rather than a bath in every home, or sharing financial capital in a 'cross-subsidy' approach. The possibilities are probably endless, and we'd like to understand more where we stand on these things. We'll also be attempting to gather your thoughts and feelings around this important topic so please feel free to come along, find out more and join in the discussion.

Of course, socials are also an opportunity to simply find out a bit more about Sussex Cohousing and cohousing in general, and to meet (again, for some) with like-minded people interested in this pioneering way of living.

So, we hope to see you at Latest Music Bar (14-17 Manchester St, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1TF) on Weds 9th March from 7-9pm!

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