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Weds 11th May Social - Space in your dwelling

If cohousing is inherently about having more of a say in how we want to live, then it makes sense to consider how much space we need or want to live in. In our March social we looked at what we could imagine sharing and what we wanted to own or use privately. With that still in mind, in this months social we'll consider how big (or small) we need or want our dwelling to be.

To get your cogs turning on this, why not consider the following:

There are clearly a lot of things to consider, though the graph below (and associated info here) may give you a rule-of-thumb indication for assessing how comfortable or cramped the home you are imagining could be. It would also be really useful if you were able to measure and work out the size (m2) or your current living space.

Even if you don't have time to consider all this, do come along to the social if you can. They are also an opportunity to simply find out a bit more about Sussex Cohousing and cohousing in general, and to meet (again, for some) with like-minded people interested in this pioneering way of living.

So, we hope to see you at Latest Music Bar (14-17 Manchester St, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1TF) on Weds 11th May from 7-9pm!

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