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Sun 2nd April Social - 'Community Glue'

Diana Leafe Christian knows a thing or two about community, and in her wealth of experience there are four key ingredients that make a community thrive:

- A good governance method

- Effective project management

- Good process and communication skills

- Community glue

Here at Sussex Cohousing we're proactively working, and hopefully developing in all three of these areas, and our past workshops on sociocracy and non-violent communication, among other things we focus on, serve the first two of these key ingredients.

We also work to cultivate community glue. Diana describes community glue as the times when people come together to do enjoyable things, having shared fun or learning or relaxing, and generally sharing enjoyable activities. Eating together as a community is just one example of that, which we try and do each time we meet to work on the project. Our socials are also an attempt to continue cultivating community glue and seem to not only let people meet like-minded people and find out more about the project, but they are also a chance to come together to do interesting, fun or relaxing activities (be it have a film night, go for a walk together or try out a creative sociocratic process).

Our forthcoming social is going to focussed on this thing of community glue, as we try and find out what that means to people, what the considerations are and what their ideas or hopes are for community glue activities in a cohousing community.

So join us at Moksha Cafe (4-5 York Pl, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4GU) at 14:30 - 16:30 (we have some tables reserved under the name Richard Taylor) on Sunday 2nd April and we'll hopefully have fun considering and plotting how we may have even more fun in the future! Who knows, your idea may inspire a social of ours, or even become an important part in the life of our community.

We'll see those of you that can make it there, then.

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