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  • We have developed our Vision, Mision and Principles.

  • We have learned how to work well as a team, finding a lovely balance between getting things done and sensitively managing the process of working together.

  • We have a basic constitution and core group members have specific roles – Secretary, Treasurer, Logbook keeper, Meeting Facilitator (rotating).

  • We have developed robust but flexible systems which are frequently reviewed. For example we use a method of governance called Sociocracy; meetings are clearly agendered and minuted; we use Google Drive to store, share and edit all our documents.

  • We have developed a number of policies and procedures, including a Membership Policy,  a Affordability Policy and a Communication and Conflict Resolution Policy.

  • We have spent time visiting other projects and attending seminars, talks, workshops and conferences to learn from others who have realised a project or are developing one as we are.

  • We have (and continue to) actively research and visit potential local sites.

  • We have undertaken training in Sociocracy and Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and we had training with Stephen Hill who is a Consultant and Project Manager for cohousing projects.

  • We have developed a detailed questionnaire that helped us find out information and preferences from 100+ interested people.

  • We have had established regular social events (curently suspended), which enabled us to not only meet and spend time with others interested in our project, but to also utilise and include the ideas, perspectives and experiences of our wider community.

  • We have delivered a few series of workshops on topics such as cohousing, sociocracy and NVC.

  • We have commissioned a consultant to co-develop a financial modelling tool to enable us to work out how to make our project both affordable and feasible.

  • We have completed a first draft of a Business Case.

  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with developers, Town, to help take the project forward.


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