The Sussex Cohousing Housing Needs survey has now closed. Thank you everyone who took part. We shall be sending out the trends to our email list when we have analysed the results.

If you haven't taken part but were keen to, there is a similar survey being run by Brighton & Hove CLT during February. 

Sussex Cohousing is a group that aims to develop a cohousing project in or near Brighton, where most of us are based.


We envisage a life-enhancing community with the following characteristics:


  • 20–50 adults (plus children)

  • each household has their own front door

  • a mix of flats, small houses and family houses

  • collaboratively managed by the residents

  • mixed tenure (such as rental / shared ownership / ownership - or equivalent)

  • shared resources including a common house for meeting, eating and pastimes

  • low environmental impact in construction, energy use and transport

  • of benefit to the local community

  • as accessible and affordable as is feasible


Please see other pages on the website for details of some of these aspects.


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