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What is Cohousing?

What’s the different between cohousing and co-operatives?

Is an intentional community the same as cohousing?

About Cohousing Generally

In what way is cohousing more economical than living outside a community?

What are common concerns for people considering cohousing?

What are the benefits of cohousing?

Who lives in Cohousing? It seems everyone would have to get along really well, but does that work in practice?

How “green” is cohousing?

About this Project

Why are you/we doing this?

What will it be like living in Sussex Cohousing?

What facilities will there be?

How long will it take for the project to be complete?

I don’t have a lot of capital. How much will it cost?

Will my friends and family be able to come and visit/stay?

How are decisions made?

How will our agreed rules be enforced?

Can I bring my pet?

What happens if I fall out with someone?

What is Sociocracy?

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