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Festive Community Meal!

For Christmas this year we wanted to take our socials to another level. So just before Christmas, 19 of us gathered to collaboratively set-up, cook and eat our first community feast!

Eating together as a community is often a core binding experience for cultivating 'community glue'. We're hoping they'll be a real and regular commitment to cooking and eating together once we have the physical community space that we're working towards. This experience was an out and out success, and was enjoyable on a range of levels, and bodes well for future foodie gatherings.

We had three teams making it happen - room set-up and decoration, cooking and clear-up - though in reality everyone simply pitched in as and when needed to make it all go swimmingly. Here below is our cooking team that make an utterly scrumptious and varied feast that catered for everyone's dietary and culinary needs.

It was a heart-warming day and we look forward to many more meals like it, though perhaps with a few less dishes on an ordinary community cook-up!

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