We are currently a Development Team of 7 people (who drive the project forward), with over 25 paying Supporters who also contribute to the work of the project. We have 450+ people that have registered interest in the project and get between 15-60 people at our monthly socials. We take a slow approach to growing the Development Team to ensure as much stability, alignment, cohesion and clarity as possible.


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OCCUPATION: I am retired. For 25 years I worked in public health in various settings and countries. Previous to that I worked for a short time as a radio journalist and prior to that as a community printer. WHY COHOUSING: I lived commually in a shared house for about 12 years. It was a very rich and satisfying experience resulting in good, lasting friendships. Now I am retired I would like that kind of interaction with people and to be involved in a common venture around shared ideals/goals