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New, exciting Spring growth at Sussex Cohousing!

Over the autumn, as our tasks became more complex and demanding and our energies flagged, we prepared ourselves for newness and growth in Sussex Cohousing's Development Team: we planted seeds of opportunity in the form of a recruitment drive. Over the Winter those seeds were hibernating, being watered, surround by workshops of nourishment and the like, and we're now thrilled to announce that those seeds - or new Development Team members - finally emerged into the light on Sunday!

Previously a dedicated team of 6 (below) worked week in, week out on the project and together we made some really great progress. Our 'What we've done' and 'Where we are now' web pages cover a fair bit of that recent work, if you're interested. But as the project became increasingly developed and increasingly detailed it felt important to bring some new skills, energy, commitment and perspectives into the project. And of course, we're in the process of building our community and it's the coming together with others that's at the heart of what we're trying to do.

(Pictured above, from the left: Rich, Ros, Wendy, Marci, Julian and Jenny)

So, after a thorough staged recruitment process we managed to welcome aboard 5 new members whom we're instantly really grateful for - both for what they bring but also for who they are and how they relate. Our first meeting all together on Sunday was a pleasure all round, based on our end of meeting evaluation 'go round'.

So, without further ado, here's a celebratory snap of 10 of the 11 members of Sussex Cohousing's newly expanded Development Team! Welcome aboard (clockwise from top left) Doran, Adam, Mike, Lisa and Tricia (who's not in this pic)!

We'll be sharing more about the Hopes, Fears and Motivations exercise we did as a group on Sunday (that you can see on the wall in the background) but for now lets'enjoy the mixture (in terms of gender, age, and income at least) of a team that we hope will get even more mixed and diverse going forward.

It's shaping up to be a really interesting 2017 to come...

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